Company History

Golpad Company Limited was established since 1990 in Iran, specializing in introducing, marketing, and supplying of Animal Health products to the Iranian Poultry and livestock market.

Golpad started its activity in closed cooperation with Pfizer Inc. Co. and successfully registered, launched Salinomycin ( Coxistac 6%, 12% )in Iranian poultry market in 1994.

Dectomax and Teramycin LA 20% injectable is also under registration process until now.

Golpad continue its activity since 1996 for introducing and marketing poultry vaccines together with Biomune USA Company and launched Bursimune (Gumboro) live vaccine to the Iranian poultry market.

Reomune 3 vaccine is under the process to be introduced to the breeder farms in Iranian market.

ND killed vaccine and IBD + ND killed vaccine is under the registration process through National Veterinary Organization of Iran and both will be registered up to beginning year 2003.

Phibro Animal Health Company is another Golpad partner and their products is in the market now such as Aviax 5% ( Semduramycin ), Stafac 500 ( Virginiamycin ), Coxistac ( Salinomycin ) and two other products Rumatel ( Antihelmentics ) and Bloat Guard ( Antibloat ) is under the registration and will be in the market within year 2003.

Recently Golpad expanded its activity in introducing disinfectant, Detergent and animal hygiene products to the poultry and livestock market in Iran with a well known British Company called Evans Vanodine International, four Evans products is under the registration in Iran Veterinary Organization called GPC8 , FAM 30, VANOGUAT, VANODOX and those products will be in Iranian market in year 2003.

Richter Pharma an Austrian reputable Company who is producing mostly Animal Health Injectable products , is another Golpad partner and there are two Iranian local manufacturer who are nominating for producing Richter Pharma products locally in Iran based on license and supply agreement between Richter and those in Iran.

Golpad is famous in providing technical support and services after sales to the customers and end users, to be able to increasing the market share of each products who Golpad representing them.

As an aggressive organization, we have been able to customize our services to meet the needs of our customers, the philosophy of our Company is commitment and responsibility.

Commitment to suppliers
Commitment to customers
Commitment to good service
Commitment to quality and to you.